Distinctive Design, Fabrication & Restoration for Interiors, Garden & Landscape

         All that is drawn is not always buildable and all that is built is not always that which is drawn.

Such is the dynamic inherent in the Architect -- Maker relationship....  with the client caught somewhere

in the hyphen space.  Because we design+build, we eliminate the confusion often encountered between

          designers and contractors and offer our clients the advantage of direct communication. 

  plumb, square and level... every project built to endure the test of time

As designers and artisans we realize the

importance of remembering that our role

in each project is to serve as both steward

and guide.  Our charge is simple...  escort

people to their destination and ensure that  what we have accomplished along the way endures-  indelibly etched onto the terrain, and in their hearts and minds.

No shortcuts.

No dicey routes to the top.  

We know there's rarely a second chance to make the summit, so we choreograph our moves accordingly. Each step is defined, surefooted, efficient and refers to the previous one.  Slowly with great intent we ratchet our way upward, relying on skill, essential tools and experience as our sherpa.  The result is worth the effort,

for the view from the top is always exhilarating. 

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