Conversely, utility buildings address another purpose- 

to shelter vehicles, equipment, horses, tractors and farm implements.  Usually lacking the adornments of fancy cousins, they stand proud protecting all contents, and turn their back to weather and time. However, every structure- plain or fancy- is only as worthy as its foundation, material integrity and craftsmanship. Regardless of its intended use 

we site and fabricate each of our bespoke buildings with

great care-  and with a reverence for their landscape host. Precise engineering, accurate framing and honest detailing are the hallmarks of our structures, which guarantees they will provide a handsome and lasting profile in your garden, park or estate.   

Garden Pavilions & Bespoke Buildings

     Distinctive Design, Fabrication & Restoration for Interiors, Garden & Landscape

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​​​​                              ​                                   White Garden Pavilion at the Botanical Gardens, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, NYC 

Plank Road Studios 

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Historically, garden pavilions were venues for fetes and celebrations. Places of music, fun and frolic. Grand or diminutive in scale, whether situated in 

European court gardens or at seaside amusement parks, they were welcoming structures designed for pleasure, respite and relaxation. As a belvedere 

in Central Park, a cabinet du verdure in Versailles, a bandstand at Skaneateles Lake, or a modest backyard arbor; these ornate structures celebrate the decorative arts, featuring the talent of carpenters, masons and artisans. Pavilions serve as recreational civic centers as well-  providing a romantic escape from everyday life-  intended to charm and entertain audiences while marking an emblematic focal point for a community.