The landscape of a building's interior is defined by walls,

doors, thresholds, fenestration and ground planes,

and punctuated by architectural details and furnishings.​ 

Shoji screens and sliding wall panels possess a unique ability

to re-configure interior volumes as they morph into various positions- open, closed or partially open- to frame a calculated aperture.

We fabricate translucent interior facades with  3-FORM

and PolyGal panels that diffuse light and soften boundaries

while delineating space.​​  These innovative, high tech materials

are comprised of natural fiber membranes laminated between

two layers of polycarbonate sheet. By selecting transparency

and patterns of varying density we can control or re-direct

light and sound, creating enhanced indoor environments. 

Interior Facades & Details

     Distinctive Design, Fabrication & Restoration for Interiors, Garden & Landscape

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